quarta-feira, 11 de fevereiro de 2009

Macau na Uncyclopedia

"Macau, a delightful sandbar in southern China, is a genuine assault on the senses – an overwhelming explosion of neon lights, slot machine noises, tastes, fumes and exotic bowel movements. Most people agree that once you spend some time in this Asian paradise, it has a strange way of getting into your blood (see AIDS).

Unfortunately, in recent years Macau has come to be associated with gambling, prostitution and sleaze. Since armed hostilities are now confined to the Chinese government and the poker room of the Rocks Casino, Macau has become a popular spot for tourists and businessmen alike to have a great time and catch exotic water born diseases. There is always something to do in Macau, from swimming with the highly endangered Sewer Water Dolphins to viewing the many historic ruins - palaces, churches and public hospitals. The memories will last long after the intestinal parasites have gone (...).

The magnificently preserved Presidential Palace is testament to the history of Macau. On weekends, there is usually an hourly[2] display of Communist Army Guards driving military vehicles round the parade grounds while letting off firearms (not an official historical display – they’re generally just drunk). Within the Presidential Palace, there are also Portuguese themed slot machines, a very tasteful homage to the Portuguese heritage of Macau (...).

The economy of Macau is based primarily around extortion and gambling. Macau is famous for having the most slot machines in the world, with one in every toilet and many at each intersection."

Tudo isto e muito mais sobre Macau pode ser lido na Uncyclopedia, uma paródia à Wikipedia - porque rir é o melhor remédio!

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