quinta-feira, 22 de janeiro de 2009

Obama e as consolas de jogos

Though history and politics were obviously the focus of the news blitz surrounding today's US presidential inauguration, the event did mark two firsts for games. Barack Obama's swearing-in ceremony, which officials say attracted over 1 million spectators to Washington, DC, will be the first presidential inauguration that will be viewable via Xbox Live. Video of Obama's Oath of Office and speech, the rest of the ceremony, and other inaugural events will be available for download via XBL Marketplace for the rest of the week. Microsoft is also offering other Obama-related and presidential-themed content via its 17-million-member online service.

As Microsoft posted video of Obama's inauguration, Nintendo was occupying a place much closer to the 44th president of the United States. As Obama presided over a luncheon in the halls of Congress, a small army of movers began bringing the new First Family's belongings into the White House. Among the belongings arriving at the 216-year-old residence was a Nintendo Wii, which Obama's two daughters, Malia (age 10) and Sasha (age 7), received for Christmas. Australia's Herald-Sun newspaper reports that the console will be connected to the First Television in the mansion's family room, which will see its first young full-time users since then 12-year-old Chelsea Clinton took up residence in 1993.

Earlier this month, The New York Times reported that President Obama had been playing Wii Bowling with his daughters. He can also use the White House's real-life bowling alley to hone his infamously lacking bowling skills... until he acts upon his pledge to replace it with a basketball court. The alley was added by Richard Nixon shortly after he moved into the residence in 1969.

(in GameSpot, 20/01/2009)

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