terça-feira, 2 de setembro de 2014

Flying over Macau

Some notes from the author of this amazing video, my friend Sérgio Perez:
«"Flying Over Macau" is a personal project of mine, done throughout weekends. many nights and early mornings, with my good friend Pedro Luz, who gave me great support.
I did this video to showcase Macau through a different perspective. As we focus, in our daily lives, on the rush, stress and pace of the city, surrounded by it, we often forget how beautiful and unique it is. What if we could just fly up, if for only a moment -a day- look at it from high above, as if in the clouds, and enjoy it, without concern of time? I hope this takes you on a journey, through the clouds, above the limited perception of the "Asia's Las Vegas" stereotype, allowing you to see a glimpse of the beauty of this unique city in China, the result of more than 450 years of the coexistence in harmony of the East and the West, the Chinese and Portuguese.

Let the music play and the imagery take you on this small journey above the clouds...

Videography, Editing and Camera Operation by: Sérgio Perez
Technical Consultant and Cooperation: Pedro Luz

Special thanks to my friend Elisabela Larrea for that 6am support and help in a difficult shooting day!

Sorry for the watermark and © with name, but I've been stolen footage before, this is the safest way to prevent it.

For better viewing on a TV Screen or big display, download the source 1080p video!»