segunda-feira, 14 de abril de 2008

Apelo da Amnistia Internacional

Dear friend,

The countdown has started to the Beijing Summer Olympic Games 2008. The Chinese Government is stepping up the "cleansing" campaign. Its aim is to silence the dissident voices. It's not just happening in Tibet: in the rest of the country too, journalists and writers who report the human rights situation in China on a daily basis are heavily repressed.
As a result of the campaign to control speech, there are hundreds of persons imprisoned in China for expressing their opinion. One of them is Shi Tao, who was imprisoned for sending an email from his Yahoo account. Yahoo provided Shi Tao's details at the Government's demand, and he was arrested and condemned to 10 years in prison. His representative, Yu Zhang, has visited Spain and wanted to show us in this video his gratitude for the support which Shi Tao has received.
Now is the time to take a step forward for freedom in China. Join Amnesty International today, so as to be able to help every day.Thank you for being with us and for us.

Esteban Beltrán
Director – Spanish Section of Amnesty International

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Anónimo disse...

Como estamos na China, é boa ideia usar estes vídeos em mandarim ou cantonês.