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Marcha pela democracia

Há doze anos, estive lá, em Central, a acompanhar ao vivo as manifestações públicas associadas à transferência do exercício da soberania de Hong Kong para a República Popular da China. Volvidos todos estes anos, as preocupações dos habitantes da região vizinha em relação à sua muito mitigada democracia mantêm-se. Por isso, amanhã, dia de mais um aniversário do handover, a sua voz far-se-á ouvir novamente nas ruas. À atenção de Macau!

Beijing 'afraid' of big turnout for march

Fanny W.Y. Fung and Ambrose Leung
South China Morning Post
June 30, 2009

Beijing is alarmed about the expected high turnout at tomorrow's march for democracy, which it believes could undermine the authority of Chief Executive Donald Tsang Yam-kuen, the organisers say.

The central government's apparently growing concern comes as more groups, including civil service organisations, have decided to join the march.

At a press conference to mobilise supporters to join the protest, which will start at 3.30pm in Victoria Park, Democratic Party chairman Albert Ho Chun-yan said he felt Beijing officials were worried about the possible high turnout.

"They have been asking around. Just after I openly gave an estimation of 100,000 yesterday [on Sunday], I received a call today," he said, adding that the caller was a "middleman" close to the central government's liaison office. "This year is the 60th anniversary [of the establishment of the People's Republic of China]. They are afraid they will lose face if many people hit the streets."

Mr Ho said his party's district offices had received more calls than in past years from residents inquiring about transport arrangements. The party would arrange buses to transport participants living in remote areas, he said.

One protest organiser said that in recent days, researchers working for the central government had raised concerns about plans by civil service groups to join the march.

"Originally, Beijing tried to play down the turnout by saying the expected large crowd had diverse views. But since so many civil servants are also joining the march, it is starting to fear the implications on the credibility of Donald Tsang's governance," the organiser said.

A mainland researcher assigned by Beijing to gauge the situation in Hong Kong said the central government was concerned, and considered a January protest by the disciplined services and the recent threat of a police march as "destabilising" for Hong Kong society.

As well as several civil service unions affiliated with the Confederation of Trade Unions, which is organising the protest, two postal service unions plan to mobilise hundreds of workers to join the march.

"The government has led the way in exploitation of workers by outsourcing our positions. We have to stop this by marching," said Tse Tin-wing, chairman of the Rights Association of Hong Kong Post Contract Staff.

Legislator Cyd Ho Sau-lan said that as well as livelihood issues, the march was a platform for people to air their democratic aspirations.

"We call on citizens to come out and voice their demands for dual universal suffrage," Ms Ho said.

The Alliance of Lehman Brothers Victims and a group led by former Legislative Council hopeful Philip Li Koi-hop will also organise two separate marches from Victoria Park to the government headquarters tomorrow afternoon. Mr Li's group seeks reforms in the judiciary.

Chief Inspector William Leung Wing-tai of Hong Kong Island traffic police said the force estimated that a total of 90,000 people would join the three marches and it would deploy about 1,000 to 2,000 officers.

Day of action - major events on July 1

8am: Flag-raising ceremony, Golden Bauhinia Square, Wan Chai

8.30am: Government reception, Convention and Exhibition Centre

9.30am: Wan Chai residents' march against Hopewell Centre II development plan, Wu Chung House

10.30am: Parade to celebrate 12th anniversary of handover, Hong Kong Stadium

10.30am: "Pan-democratic parties can't represent me" march, Southorn Playground, Wan Chai

2.30pm: Alliance of Lehman Brothers Victims protest march, Victoria Park

3.30pm: March for democracy, Victoria Park

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