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Continuam as reacções contra Jackie Chan

Verdadeiramente interessante nisto tudo é o jornal oficial Diário do Povo ter deixado publicar no seu website o artigo de opinião abaixo referido. Quem diria?

Taiwanese groups seek boycott of Jackie Chan film in 'freedom' row

Lawrence Chung in Taipei and Fanny W. Y. Fung
South China Morning Post
April 22, 2009

Several Taiwanese groups have launched a campaign to boycott Jackie Chan's new movie, saying the freedom-loving island would not welcome him.

In Hong Kong, the number of complaints to the Tourism Board against Chan's ambassador role also jumped to 121 yesterday, up from 17 on Monday.

His remarks that Chinese needed "control" and that too much freedom could lead to chaos "like in Taiwan" were dismissed by Leung Chun-ying, Executive Council convenor.

"While Hong Kong is a city that enjoys a high degree of freedom, Hongkongers very much treasure it and know how to use their rights in various aspects," he said.

"I find ... Hongkongers have not abused their freedom. Social order is good and there is no chaos."

Board chairman James Tien Pei-chun has said it would study Chan's appointment terms before deciding whether it can remove him as tourism ambassador.

In Taipei, opposition against Chan continues to grow. "Slave of dictatorship! We don't welcome such a slave. Get lost, Jackie Chan. You are not welcome in Taiwan!" shouted Lee Kun-cheng, a Democratic Progressive Party candidate in the year-end Taipei county council election.

Tearing down and trampling several posters advertising Chan's new film, Shinjuku Incident, Mr Lee and supporters called on the public to boycott the movie, which opened on the island last weekend.

Two other Taiwanese groups started a campaign to boycott the movie.

On the mainland, the website of the official People's Daily posted an article by commentator Li Hongbing on the episode.

"Big brother Jackie Chan has to reflect. You are a public figure, not a vegetable hawker in the market. How can you talk without thinking?" Mr Li wrote. "I guess Jackie Chan has never experienced the lack of freedom, and has not been cruelly controlled. That is why he does not understand the long history of 'controlling' and 'being controlled' in our nation."

A disclaimer on the website stated that the article represented only the writer's personal view.

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